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Content Distribution Solutions from SGL Corporation

Our services make it easy for to manage, customize and send your contents securely in any format. No software, no hardware to worry about and it is scalable helping you save and allow you to be more efficient with one central control location for your multiple sites or accounts. 

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Soho 250 min/mon $12.50

Must Have 500 min/mon $25.00

Efficency 1000 min/mon $40.00

No hardware and software to manage. Contents can seamlessly customize and securely send. You can send compliance information, customer orders or repackage our services for resell.

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EnterpriseCDM-   Web Fax Service API

You can seamlessly automate data extraction from multiple appwwlications into a template to customize information for delivery via fax or email.

Our API is robust, allowing you to integrate an Internet fax system to your front end with no hardware and software requirement and it is scaleable saving you IT, upgrade and maintenance expenses.

Making cross-functional processes easy to manage with single point systems management for multiple sites and users.

Easy Web base feature enable you to send information such as invoices, purchase orders, confirmations with just a few clicks and in minutes to thousands of recipients. The system will allow you to merge multiple fields and multiple documents. 
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ECHOemail- Effective Online Marketing

ECHOemail makes staying in constant contact with your customers and acquiring prospects easier. Start your campaign today; make it so your customers and prospects can't ait for your weekly and month campaigns.

You can now easily and quickly generate and send newsletters and marketing campaigns to thousands of recipients cost-effectively, helping you to build brand loyalty. 

You will be able to track click-through, open rates and other important detail reports to understand more about your customers and market segments to continueproviding the services they needs.

Features such as forwarding and unsubscribe can help you send responsible viral marketing campaign. 
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In-house Service- Full Service Fax Broadcast 

If you don't have time and need another hand to assist you then choose the In-house Service. We can handle complicated project like mail merge and templates. All you have to do is send us the files. We put extra effort to get the project done right and on time. 
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InfocastCDM-- Easy to use WebFax Broadcast

Faxes can be sent via the Internet without any additional hardware or software. You can take full control of your fax broadcasts on any computer. Just login, submit, schedule and broadcast your job then view reports any time. You can send thousands of faxes in an instant. Learn More>>


DocuSend-Desktop Fax Software

With this free desktop fax software, you can send fax directly from your PC. You can create and manage the address books and receive detail reports on the fax broadcasts. You no longer have to run between printers and fax machines. Not only do you save papers, but you no longer have to tie up phone line while doing broadcast fax. Learn More>>
Personalized Voice Broadcast

Use human voice with interactive or live agent functions to send campaign messages, surveys, reminders, confirmations, updates, cross-sell & notices to thousands of recipients in minutes. It is hassle free. Professional recording and script development services are available.   Learn More >>

Generate more from your marketing dollars with our ECHOListbuilder. It makes building a first party opt-in list and growing your brand easier. You can tie your other traditional marketing vehicles with ECHOListbuilder. It includes ready-to-use HTML templates for landing pages, promotion code capture tool, customizable registration form wizard, marketing preferences manager, customizable confirmation page builder, auto-email reply option and Datamart to make building and segmenting your royal database with ease.  Learn More>>

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Free consultations on how we can automate your communications, expand your database or help you to design effective campaigns and special projects to get the result you want.