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SGL Corporation
Helping You Leverage the Power of Your Information. SGL Corporation is an industry leader in developing technologies for effective content management and delivery. We specialize in helping companies leverage information to streamline their critical business processes. Our experiences, technological capabilities, and global reach allow us to successfully complete projects of all sizes and scopes. Since 2001, we have also expanded our services to include Customer Relationship Management (CRM), front office solutions and back office solutions. SGLC serves clients worldwide from its Silicon Valley headquarters.  global network guarantee your data's secure and timely delivery.

Business Process
SGLC can help companies to become more efficient and communicate more effectively. We have extensive experience in providing Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eMarketing and inexpensive communications solutions. We can help you analyze your objectives and assist you with project's design and deployment to ensure a smooth system transition. Whether you want to revitalize content delivery for your entire SCM or CRM system or improve a specific task, SGLC can help you diagnose and solve the problem.

Patent-Pending Technology
SGLC's unique, patent-pending technology enables us to retrieve information and securely deliver it in any format. We help your team access data seamlessly across diverse computer platforms. Our technology effortlessly manages information in a variety of text, database, Internet, and other formats. Our skilled engineers can even customize your solution to accommodate proprietary data interfaces and specialized business process requirements.

Where, when, and how do you want your data delivered? Contact SGL Corporation today for a free assessment of how our content management and delivery technology can streamline your business processes. We deliver your data where it needs to go what you do with it when it gets there is up to you.

Get the right information to the right person at the right time.

Speed product delivery. Streamline your supply chain. Improve your customer service. Win more sales. Crush your competition.


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