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The benefits of implementing customer relationship marketing:

  • Reduction in costs associated with manual work
  • Improvement in customer acquisition
  • Improvement in customer retention
  • Increased online transactions
  • Faster and more manageable campaigning processes
  • Increased breadth and depth of customer information
  • Improved ROI (Return on Investment)

Our clients, like most offline companies that recently ventured into e-business, went through an initial stage of building online customer base. During this phase, our clients focused on utilizing both on & offline campaign channels to generate inbound traffic to their websites, where customer information such as email addresses and contact information are captured and stored in the customer database.

As more companies began realizing the benefits of running email based marketing campaigns, it became apparent that converting offline customers into online customers is critical for optimizing the newly established sales channels. In 2002 alone, it is estimated that over 2 billion dollars were spent in the U.S. on email marketing related products and services - mainly to benefit from replacing expensive Direct Mail and Print Advertising campaigns with highly personalized emails that easily track campaign response activities.

Above are some sample study cases on how our current clients use email marketing solution to obtain competitive edge, reduce costs, and generate incremental sales.