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CNET-Direct is a wholly owned subsidiary of CNET Networks, the U.S. based technology media company that provides a variety of technology related services to companies in Asia, Europe, and North America. As their core business, CNET-Direct provides a wide range of marketing services for companies specifically targeting tech-related businesses in Asia Pacific.

Business needs

CNET-Direct owns an extensive list of technology focused companies in Asia Pacific. As one of its primary services, CNET plans to launch email marketing service to its new and existing customers.  To facilitate the management of email list and optimally track campaign results, CNET-Direct evaluates several products in the market that offers to deliver high-volume email broadcasting jobs, track post-campaign response activities, and generate reports that are remotely accessed via Internet.


Instead of considering outsourcing options, CNET decides to acquire an affordable marketing automation product that can be purchased and managed in-house, via a data center in which all marketing-related information is housed.  This requires a product version of the email campaign solution that is both customizable and affordable.


After months of consideration and comparison, CNET purchases OMISystems' echo email. Its flexible architecture, APIs, detailed data tracking capability, affordable price, and local technical support compels them to select echo email over other products. After carefully designing, packaging, and rolling out marketing service packages that progressively deliver email campaign, telemarketing, and event promotions for its customers, CNET realizes ROI in less than 3 months.