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SIA Challenges
  • Leverage the rapid growth of the company's new online member services via email messaging content and promotional offerings
  • Build scaleable electronic marketing tools while maintaining or reducing service costs
  • Maintain personalized, highly responsive live offerings while driving more traffic through self-service tools
  • Educate customers on service products via easy-to-use online knowledge base to improve the customer experience



SIA Business Needs:

To meet the annual sales objective, and to improve customer acquisition and retention, Singapore Airlines (SIA) seeks a Customer Relationship Marketing solution to build stronger relationship with its 2MM + customers and promote a variety of marketing products and services via email. SIA needs to broadcast large volume of highly personalized email campaigns and track campaign results real-time, on & offline.

Product Requirements:
To protect the privacy of its customer information, SIA requires an in-house version of the campaign manager to be installed and managed within Abacus, its subsidiary.

After months of research, SIA is not able to find a vendor that offers a product version of email campaign management solution with ability to track forwarded emails and analyze email open activities per country

echo email v.2.0 is installed in Abacus' site for standalone email campaign management and systems administration. OMIS provides APIs necessary to customize product per SIA requirements: List exportations from existing customer DB and using customized script to retrieve target list and use echo java based API to call echo sender module to automatically personalize and deliver promotional emails to customers.

Echo delivers comprehensive reports and data download tools to improve target segmentation and analyze response activities.


12 blasts a year, each 500K email, payback is in 3.5 months (estimate compared to ASP cost)

Return on Investment (ROI):
Estimated return on investment: in less than 2 month