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SGL Corporation has many products to help you with your communications needs. If you need help determining which one is right for you, fill out the quote request form and we will contact you with detailed information.

Learn what others have said about our services...
"SGLC has truly become an integral part of our communications business. We get great service for even tough requests." 
Pamela Johnston, PJ Inc.
"SGLC is a key partner in our marketing efforts. We count on them to get press releases and announcements to a wide audience - often on a moment's notice. They came through time and time with precision and accuracy."
Samee Roberts, Marketing Manager, City of Oakland
"Their service is an integral part of my media relations program. It is great to be able to schedule news releases to be faxed at different times of the day all through my desktop PC!" 
J.C.Benton, Public Relations Manager Ohio 
Department of Education, Columbus

Desktop Fax

Your message is the key

Do you spend too much time running between your printer and fax machine? Stop wasting your time and paper! With SGLC's desktop faxing software, you can send faxes from your computer without tying up your phone or fax lines.

DocuSend is the solution

If you have groups of people you frequently fax to, no problem! SGLC's DocuSend has an address book that makes it easy for you to manage your fax groups. If you already have a database, the software also has an easy import feature that allows you to use your current lists with DocuSend. This service is especially ideal for those who need to fax letters and forms out to individuals, plus the report allows you to have proof of completion to the recipient.

Easy to use

SGLC's DocuSend software makes it easy to send a lot of faxes or fax out a document to a large group of people. Either way, you will also be able to check on the status of your fax through the software as well. And just like our other services, we'll send you a detailed report once your fax job is complete. Once again, it's faxing made easy!

Free banner personalization

Forget about cover pages when a banner works just as well! What is a banner? A banner is the "To:" personalization located at the top left corner on the first page of your fax. For less formal communications, this works just as well as a cover page in getting your information to your intended recipient. We can include an individual name, company name, job title, and fax number, or any combination that you would like-- all at no extra charge.

Screenshot 1: Preview Fax Image

Screenshot 2: Building Fax List

Screenshot 3: Checking Fax Status

Screenshot 1: Building Address Book

Key to your communication success

Whether you are sending a single fax or a fax broadcast, let DocuSend be the key to all your communication needs. DocuSend enables your marketing team to accomplish the following:

               o Send valuable company updates to all your partners and customers via fax
               o Send promotions to your clients
               o Send quotations to our overseas potential clients
               o Store and manipulate your fax contact lists 
               o Personalize each and every fax
               o Manage customer relationships more effectively

And real-time fax status allows you to:

o  Analyze how effective your fax campaign is
o  Find out if a business critical fax has arrived at its destination

*  Customizable one-to-one fax
*  Fax from any printable document on your PC
*  Real-time reports
*  Manage all your contacts
*  Preview faxes before sending them out
*  Free software update
*  Integrated cover page
*  Fax report via email
*  Unlimited setup (no user charges! Install this software on as 
   many PCs as you like)


· Microsoft Windows™ 98 / ME / XP / 2000 
· Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1+
· PC with at least 64Mb Memory
· At least 500Mb Hard Drive
· HTTP(S) Access

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