Download Software (for desktop fax service)

For the Desktop Fax service, please download the free PC software here.

To activate Desktop Fax service, please click here to download the Service Activation Form and fill it out then fax it back to us, email us at [email protected] or call 1-510-445-1179.
  After receiving your application form, we will immediately process it and send you a confirmation via email or fax. If you are an existing DocuFax customer, please email and we will help you setup the new software.

Download New Version

New Release!

SGL DocuSend v.1.04.0615 ( support Windows 2003, 2000, XP, ME, 98 )
Download (*.exe, 14,112Kb)
Manual (*.pdf, 758Kb)

What's new? 
- Streamlined desktop fax application now allows you to check fax status in real time.
- Preview fax pages before submission
- Improved fax printer driver
- Integrated address book

Important Update:
After 2005-06-27 if you experience an error message saying "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship with remote server." while you submit fax job or check the new version, please download this DocuSendProxy.dll.txt

  1. Completely close the running DocuSend.
  2. Save this DocuSendProxy.dll.txt as DocuSendProxy.dll.
  3. Copy this DocuSendProxy.dll into where you installed DocuSend (exp: "C:\Program Files\SGL\DocuSend") and overwrite the original DocuSendProxy.dll.
  4. Turn on DocuSend again, and DocuSend will be working fine.

If the same error message pops up again  in the future, please come back to this page and update the dll file.

Old Releases (please download the new version above)

Important! If you have previously installed Docufax on your Windows 95/98/ME system and have recently upgraded to Windows XP, then please reboot your system prior to starting the installation of SGLC's Desktop Fax XP. Reboot your system again after installation is complete.

SGL Desktop Fax 2002 XP ( support Windows XP )
SGL Desktop Fax 2002 XP( *.exe, 887Kb)

SGL Desktop Fax 2000 ( support Windows NT4/Windows 2000 )
SGL Desktop Fax 2000( *.exe, 887Kb)

SGL Desktop Fax v4.5? support Windows 95/98/Me )
DocUFax Direct V4.5( *.exe,?1.74Mb)

SGL Desktop Fax v4.0 ( support Windows NT 4.0 )
DocUfax Direct V4.0(Executable *.exe, 894Kb)

Important: Release Notes

1.   One of the most prominent changes in the new release of DocUFax Direct (version 4.5) is that now you can fax       multiple documents from different applications to the same list of recipients at the same time. Please refer to "Sending The Fax"  in the DocUFax Direct Users Guide V4.5 for more details.
2.   You can also do a preview of the fax documents before sending them out. Please refer to "Sending The Fax" in the DocUFax Direct Users Guide V4.5 for more details.
3.   If you are currently using WinFax Pro (version 9.0 or higher), you can also import your address/telephone book (i.e. list of recipients) from WinFax Pro into DocUFax Direct. Please refer to "Sending The Fax" in the DocUFax Direct Users Guide V4.5 for more details
4.   You will need the Eastman Software imaging program (Which is included in your Win98/NT/2000/ME Operating Systems) to be able to preview documents.
5. Always reboot your system after installing the SGLC's desktop Fax program before using it.

(*For Win NT4.0 user: Please use SG
LC's  Desktop Fax 2000 first. If you encounter any problems, you can then try this version.)

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