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Email Broadcasting

echo email is a powerful tool to assist you in running complex online programs or for gaining marketing insight into your customer base faster than usual. This sending and tracking email service enables you to distribute thousands of customized emails per hour and collect information right after they have been sent out! Not only can you gather real-time feedback on your campaigns, but you can simplify surveys, referral campaigns and even generate invoices via echo email. We can help you to send out personalized emails so you can get your message out without tying up your internal resources. If you need assistance with putting your message into HTML or hosting pages, we can help you with that as well. And as a part of our value-added service, we send you tests to review prior to your broadcast and launch only after you have had a chance to review and confirm the test.

Your reports are online, so you can always access the information when you need it. Or download it and import it into other programs for creating follow up reports and presentations. The comprehensive reports show all standard email activities such as open rates and click-through rates, but it also captures geographic information and a certain amount of activity on forwarded emails. Plus, like all of the SGLC's services, echo email comes with an option to assist you in collecting any unsubscribe requests which are also downloadable for easy scrubbing of your other databases. Responsible communications has never been easier!


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Figure:  Geographic Report

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