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EnterpriseCDM Services: Customize & Automate Fax Broadcasting Process

The EnterpriseCDM service has a set of Application programming interfaces (APIs) that you can utilize to automate the whole fax process. There are two sets of APIs to be more specific. The first one is used to send in fax transactions into our fax servers. The second API is primarily used to connect to our servers to retrieve real-time fax status (which will be presented back to you in XML).

We currently have APIs that work on Microsoft Web Servers (COM objects) and also Java classes. COMs are easier to work with and you can basically utilize VBscript or Javascript through Microsoft Active server pages to program your application. Of course you can also program an application that runs at the backend using VB and connect to our servers through the Internet. COM also works with ColdFusion. Please check out the following Visual Basic script to generate a fax.

VB Sample Code
       Dim oSendFax, sReturn, ErrorMsg
Set oSendFax = CreateObject("SGLHTTPSendDoc.HTTPSendFaxFile")

oSendFax.ActionURL = ""
oSendFax.ActionURL2 = ""
oSendFax.UserName = "test"
oSendFax.Password = "123"
oSendFax.Fax_List = "16501234567, Tester in USA"
oSendFax.AddDocFile "c:\test.txt"

'sReturn will contain JobID in XML format if sending is successful
if Not oSendFax.SendFaxFile(sReturn,1) then
end if

set oSendFax= nothing

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