How to Create or Convert a File
to a .csv File Format fromMS. Excel and List Preperation


Step 1

Open your fax list using Microsoft Excel


Step 2

Creating the Proper Format

Make certain that the fax numbers are in the first column. Please note that the number should include the country code, area code, and the number. The number should be in one long number for example "18885553000". If the fax numbers are not in the first column right click on the letter above the column with the fax numbers, and now click on "Cut" . Now right click on the letter "A" in the first column and click on "Insert Cut Cells" , this will move the fax numbers to the first column of the spread sheet.

To remove punctuation marks from your fax list. Your fax list should now be in column "A". Click on "A" , this will highlight the entire column "A". Now holding down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard press the "H" key this will open the Replace screen.

Click on the "Find what" field and type "-" in this field , and then click on the "Replace All" button . Repeat this process to clean all the punctuation marks and spaces from your fax numbers. Now remove any header rows in your fax list by clicking on the number besides the fax header row and then click on edit and delete, this will remove the header row and you show have a list that may match the one below.


Step 3

Placement of the Banner Information

Place all Banner information in the columns after the first column.



Creating the .csv file

Click on "File" in the menu at the top of the screen. Next click on "Save As" this will open the Save As screen.

Choose the location of where you want to create the .csv file in the "Save in:" field . Now click on the down arrow in the "Save as type" field and find and click on "CSV (Comma Delimited)" . Now in the "File Name" field enter the name of the .csv list you wish to create. Last click on the "Save" command button .

Once Steps 1 through 4 have been completed you should have a .csv file that is ready to be used as a fax list with the SGLC CDM Web Fax.

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