FAQ for Trouble Shooting DeskTop Fax 2000


1. First login as the system administrator.

2. Go to Start - Settings - Printers

3. Right Click SGL Desktop Fax 2000 and go to Properties

4. Click on the Port Tab

5. Make sure Com Port 1 is checked and click Apply(only if the user does not have Administrator Rights).

6. Now click on the Security Tab

7. Under Name click on Everyone

8. Check and make sure all three items have a check. (Print, Manage Printers, and Manage Documents and then click Apply

9. Click OK

10. Right Click on SGL Desktop Fax 2000 and go to Printing Preferences

11. Click on Server Application Tab

12. Make sure the following path is in the Application Path field "C:\SGL_2000\SGLFXDFD\sglfxdfd.exe" This path should be in correspondence with the correct application path where you installed SGL Desktop Fax 2000.

13. Now login in as the User and Open a Document and then Print the Document to the SGL Desktop Fax 2000.

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