How to Send a Fax Using SGL DocUFax Direct

Step 1:  First open the document You Wish to Fax Broadcast.


Step 2:  Now you will want to print this document to the SGL DocUFax print driver. Now go to File and then click on Print .

A Print screen will open, and you will have to select the SGL DocUFax Direct printer from the drop down Name field . Click on the OK button .


Step 3: The SGL DocuFax : Direct screen will open.

In the upper right side of this screen you will notice three options and a check box , these are your banner and cover page options. Now click on the option that is best for you. Clicking on the "With Fax Banner" option this will allow your fax to have a fax banner with the information that you had mapped in the importation of the address book. Clicking on the "With Cover Page" will also allow the information that was mapped be merged inside the cover page. The cover page will also allow you to enter in a subject and a cover page body of text information. If you would like a fax header that will include information such as date time and page number of the fax, click on the "With Fax Header" check box to enable the Fax Header.


Step 4:  Previewing the fax that will be sent out. To preview the fax that will be sent out click on the Preview button on the lower right part of the screen.

A window will then open with your document inside this screen. Scan over the document and make certain that this is the correct document and there are no errors. Once you are satisfied click on the exit button of the Fax Preview screen.


Step 5:  Uploading the address book. To upload a address book, click on the Address Book button . A Select an Address Book Type screen will appear. .

Click on the OK button . A Address Book screen has appeared.

Under the Group Name field click on the down arrow and then select the address book that you wish to send out with this broadcast. Inside the Member List area field the information in the list that you had already imported will appear in this area. If the information is correct click on the Add All button . You will notice that the Fax Destinations for this Fax area field has filled with the information in the Member List field.

Now click on the OK button and this will bring you back to the SGL Docu Fax : Direct screen.

You will notice that inside the Recipient List area field now has the information that was in the Member list field from the Address Book screen.


Step 6:  Broadcasting the Document. To begin the Fax Broadcast click on the Send button . A Fax Sent screen will appear.

Note: if you see this screen your document has been sent to SGL Fax Servers and will begin broadcasting as soon as the file's, have been generated by SGLC's servers for broadcasting. Answer the question appropriately. If you click the No button this mean you don't wish to send the document again and you have finished sending the broadcast.

Note: If your fax list that you send has more than 1000 numbers, you will need to contact your SGL Account representative to have your job released.
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