Using Web Fax
This document will provide a simple walk-through of using the SGLC Web Fax Service.

I. Customer Login


  • The first step is to log on to the Web Fax would be click onto "Customer Login".

  • The next step is to enter the login name and the password and then click on the submit button.

II. Navigating to the Web Fax



  • · "Welcome to the Client Service Center Screen", now click on the "Enterprise Infocast CDM" button.


  • · This will take you inside of the Web Fax Page, now move your mouse over the words "Send By" and then click on the words Fax.


III. Using Web Fax

Step 0:

"Country Selection"Choose the country that you will be faxing to.


Step 1:

"Compiling the Fax Numbers List", if you will be sending a list that you have already created into a .csv format click on the "Browse" button under "A) Upload File List". If you will be entering the numbers you wish to send to manually, you will do this in "B) Input List Manually". Input the fax number and the recipient information in the corresponding spaces. Now click on the "Add to listà" button. To finish Step 1 and continue to Step 2 click on the "Next" symbol.

Step 2:

"Uploading Your Documents", if you are using a removal statement and you need your pin number click on the word "here" in the Removal Statement section. If you are using SGLC removal statement and you have not already included the statement on your document, Copy the statement provide and replace Your Pin #" with your pin number that was given to you save your document and you are ready to upload your document and continue with Step 2. You are now ready to upload your document, to do this click on the "Browse" button and find your file that you wish to upload and then click on the "Open" button. If you are unsure weather your document type is supported by SGLC's Web Fax, click on the down arrow to the right of the "Browse" button and click on the appropriate file type. If the file type is not there you may have to convert your file to a postscript format. To finish Step 2 and continue to Step 3 click on the "Next" symbol.

                             Step 3:


"Choosing Your Options", under section A) you will be able to choose the type of fax, you may choose weather you want a cover page fax, a fax with a banner, or without a fax banner and a cover page. In section B) you may select weather you would like a fax header. Section C) you may select the scheduled time for your fax broadcast. Note: must be an hour in the future in Pacific Standard Time. If you do not want to schedule the time skip section C). Section D) is very important if you are using the SGLC Removal Statement make sure that you enter the Pin number in the field provided. If you are not using the SGLC's Removal Statement and you are using you own Removal or you have a Removal Wavier here on file with SGLC you may leave the option "No" selected. To finish Step 3 and continue to Step 4 click on the "Next" symbol.

                             Step 4:


"Confirming Your Fax Broadcast", in this section there are four steps {Step 1) Fax List, Step 2) Document, Step 3) Fax Options, Step 4) Removal Statement}, look over the information in each step and if the information is correct then click on the square box beside each step, you will notice that a check will appear in each box as you select the box. If you wish to add a reference number for your records please enter this in the Optional field.

"Beginning the Broadcast"

To begin the broadcast click the Send symbol and this will begin sending the job out. You will be send to a Job Completed Screen. On this screen you will find (Job ID: 565454) write down this number, it is the reference number that SGLC will need if you have any questions regarding your job.

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