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                           Growing your Constant Customers


  What is a Constant Customer?

A Constant Customer is every marketer's dream come true-full of brand loyalty and bringing in reliable product sales.


How do you create Constant Customers?

Customers are people with unique needs, and they deserve to be treated as unique individuals. Impersonal mass marketing goes only so far to put your brand in front of people's eyes. One-to-one marketing takes your brand into their heads. ECHO Listbuilder can effectively do that with ease and with speed of mass marketing, creating a steady stream of loyal opt-in customers. Your existing marketing channels will be more valuable by using ECHO Listbuilder to build your Constant Customer database. 


What does "opt-in" mean?

Email marketing campaigns will be more effective if you use a first-party opt-in list. This means that the individuals on your list have come to you specifically and requested to receive information or purchase something from you. ECHO Listbuilder can help you to build and convert your database into a first-party opt-in list. This agreement to "opt in" to your list cannot be given to another group or a third party, hence you cannot buy a true opt-in list. You must grow this list yourself. It can also be used with our own ECHOemail, traditional and off-line marketing methods that you already employ. Leverage even more value from your existing marketing channels by using ECHO Listbuilder to find out who your Constant Customers are. 

Why ECHO Listbuilder?

ECHO Listbuilder works in conjunction with the full suite of ECHOemail products and is fully compatible with a company's existing Web site, as well as handle the creation and flow for an online promotion. Information collected through ECHO Listbuilder may be further segmented with ECHO DataMart, a data warehouse tool specifically geared to extract customer profiles for targeted customer marketing and CRM communications needs. It is ideal for organization that do not want to out source many aspect of their online marketing and need assistant in promotion fulfillment by automating responses back to online registrants. ECHO Listbuilder will grow your Constant Customer.
 -Ready-to-use HTML templates for landing pages      
 -Promotion Code Capture Tool
 -Customizable Registration Form Wizard
 -Marketing Preferences Manager
-Customizable Confirmation Page Builder with auto-email reply  option
-Make your marketing dollars go a lot further
-Build royal customers and manage the database with ease
-Sending information to "permission-granted" get  much higher response rates
-Higher results for coupons, newsletters, or any other marketing materials.
-Get better sales results and more solid relationships.

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