Value-Added Free perks!

Holiday promotion is a proven means to increase traffic. Advertisements, particularly invitations should be sent early and the reminders should follow within two weeks of the special holiday events to attract more attendees. One idea is to create a section on the coupons or invitations so the customers can fill in their information such as names and email addresses for a drawing.

How can you best reach your customers within your budget? There are different marketing vehicles that you can utilize. The more vehicles you use, the more people you can reach.

SGL Corporation specializes in affordable marketing and communication vehicles to help our customers reach as many people as possible and making it easy for them to stay in constant contact with their customers. Let us send your holiday greetings and promotions such as coupons, invitations and advertisements via email, fax and/or voice. You will receive free consultation and free templates for your holiday campaigns, and we can also customize the campaigns to your needs. We can host and broadcast the campaigns, collect data for analysis and assist you in maintaining and build your database.

In order to reach more customers, we recommend that you utilize more than one vehicle. There are pros and cons with each vehicle. Direct mail is a lot more expensive than fax, email and voice broadcast, but you are certain that your pieces will be in your customers' mail boxes. The turn around time for the delivery of the fax, email and voice broadcasts are immediate. For direct mail, you need at least two weeks for the printing process to the delivering of your pieces. Fax broadcast is very inexpensive and is very effective in getting your customers to take notice of the information, but you need to be familiar with the Junk Fax Law. Voice broadcast needs to be short and does not have the visual aspect, so you may not get a high response unless it is for reminders and notifications. Email broadcast is the most inexpensive vehicle, allowing you to reach your customers more often, but the pieces need to be attractive in order to get high open and click rates. For all broadcast, you need to run your list against the removal and the do not call lists, and we can do that for you. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your holiday promotion as well as helping you to increase and maintain your customers efficiently and effectively at [email protected] or 1-510-445-1179


Not only are we experts in our field, our low prices come with all of these other services at no extra charge. Take advantage of our value-added services and you'll agree that broadcasting has never been this easy.

Free banner personalization.
Forget about cover pages when a banner works just as well! What is a banner? A banner is the "To:" personalization located at the top left corner on the first page of your fax. For less formal communications, this works just as well as a cover page in getting your information to your intended recipient. We can include an individual name, company name, job title, and fax number, or any combination that you would like-- all at no extra charge.

Free area code updates.
When area codes split every month, who has time to update all the old contact files? Just send your lists to us and we can update your fax lists to reflect the latest area code changes. Available upon request.

Free list cleaning and "deduping."
Building a database is only half the battle. What happens when it comes time to contact everyone and you find that you have multiple entries for a single individual or organization? What's worse than finding you 'accidentally' sent the same fax to someone 4 times because you didn't have time to clean your list before sending it out and now, they never want to hear from you again!

Forget about going cross-eyed while scouring your lists to remove all the duplicates. Just send us the list and let us know how you want us to "dedupe" your list: by fax number, by company name, or by individual name. You name it, we'll do it! (Well, within reason, that is! Fancy requests might incur a slight additional fee, but we'll tell you beforehand.) Just don't forget to let us know how you want it cleaned when you give us your list!

Online List Cleaning (Removal Cleaning)
This service is available to our customers, whether or not they subscribe to our removal service. It's a great tool for users of our WebFax or DesktopFax services, since you can do this on your own and regardless of when you are sending your faxes.

In our Client Service Center, SGLC enables you to upload any fax or email list, then clean it against our Master "Do Not Contact Me" database. We'll email the files back to you, ready to send out to your recipients through WebFax. (DesktopFax will require you to convert it to an address book before you use it to send to your list.) It's one more service to enable you to manage your communications more easily!

Other 'Almost Free' Services

We offer a range of other related services at minimal cost to make your faxing and emailing go more smoothly. Why not take advantage when they make completing your fax or email project so much easier to manage.

Automated Toll-free Removal Service
As a part of our commitment to "responsible communications," we require our customers to include a removal statement on their documents. But we also understand that sometimes, it's easier to have somebody else manage the removal requests and list cleaning and maintenance.

To help you make your faxing more worry-free, we have instituted a telephone and on-line removal service that enables fax recipients to request removal quickly and easily. Please let us know which you prefer, toll-free number or phone-in and on-line options to be included in the statement. Within 24 hours, the number that the recipient enters is compiled into our Master "Do Not Fax" list. We also include a PIN number so you can ask for the removals to clean your own in-house databases. For any jobs that you send through us, we will automatically clean your lists if you use our service.

Fax Personalization/ Mail Merge
Some documents just are not as effective unless they have been customized. Whether it is a letter, an invoice or a personalized document that contains variable information, we can assist you in coordinating these kinds of broadcasts. For a slight additional fee, we can handle this for you. Just send us your document(s) and the fax list that includes the merge field information. We will send you sample tests to review and then broadcast the customized documents for you upon your approval. We can even provide reports that include this customized information so it is easy for you to conduct followup. Plus, we can run retries on the busy and out-of-paper faxes at your request, so no more tedious generating of each custom fax to get those other faxes out.

Campaigns with individualized promotion codes, forms with some of the fields pre-populated based on existing information and formal letters are just some of the applications for which our customers use the mail merge feature. Simplifying all the coordination needed to run one of these campaigns has just become easier!


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