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SGL Corporation has many products to help you with your communications needs. If you need help determining which one is right for you, fill out the quote request form and we will contact you with detailed information.

SGL Corporation Services

Email Broadcasting

Introducing echo email broadcasting! Personalize emails to hundreds and thousands of people and gather valuable marketing information to manage customer relationships more effectively. Whether you send a simple email or an email with attachments, our team of experts will ensure smooth delivery. Attract thousands of new customers quickly and cost-effectively.
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Fax Broadcasting
If you are looking for an easy way to broadcast your faxes, SGLC has the solution for you. As one of the fastest ways to communicate with your customers or partners, fax broadcasting offers a simple solution to a cumbersome problem. Streamline your daily operations through our in-house fax broadcasting services or take a more hands-on approach through our WebFax or Desktop fax services.  Learn More>>

The key word for this product is flexibility; on-the-go types will find WebFax ideal for their messaging needs. Faxes can be sent via the Internet without any hardware or software. No matter where you are, all you need is Internet access. This solution also works well for those on tight deadlines, like for press releases-in just a few clicks, your faxes can be on their way to multiple destinations.  Learn More>>

Desktop Fax
Desktop Fax is SGLC's downloadable software which allows you to save time, money, paper, and frees up your phone line while you send one or many messages. Desktop Fax users can manage their lists, track success, and disseminate faxes hassle- and worry-free.  Learn More>>

ECHOListbuilder can work with our ECHOemail and is fully compatible with a company's existing Web site. Best of all, it takes your marketing dollars further if you already utilizing other more traditional marketing vehicles. Its landing pages can collected visitor information with ECHO DataSmart, allowing you to further segment the information for more targeted campaign. It can function as registration feature. ECHOListbuilder will create your permission-granted lists, which are crucial to effective marketing. It is well-suited for branding your products & to cross-selling products.  Learn More>>

Let our voice broadcast solutions echo your campaigns success. You can reach thousands of audiences in no time, saving you resources and increase your efficiency to further increase your revenues. This Web based real-time service is easy to use, and it allows you to schedule the broadcast and personalized the interactive voice.  It has an on demand interface with integration capability.   Learn More>>


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