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You have a message, we can get it across!

SGL Corporation has many products to help you with your communications needs. If you need help determining which one is right for you, fill out the quote request form and we will contact you with detailed information.

Let our voice broadcast solutions echo your campaigns’ success. You can reach thousands of audiences in no time,
saving you resources and increase your efficiency so you can focus on the necessary tasks to further increase your revenues.

  • Send notifications & reminders effortlessly for renewals, appointments & etc…
  • Increase ROI with initial voice broadcast before connecting to live agents
  • Polling and surveying on important issues as well as encourage voters to vote
  • Follow up after utilizing other marketing vehicles for greater results
  • Get feedback and collect important information to better serve the people
  • Acquire& retain customers, develop client relationships, build brands & increase revenues

Web based real-time service is easy to use allowing you to personalized interactive voice broadcast with:

  • On Demand Interface
  • Integration Interface
  • Contact Database
  • Campaign Center  

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